I love art. I love Weiß Kreuz. And so I found myself here...with a lot less money.

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9/11/2013Added 2 sketches which have been missing since 2004. I'd been angsting over the missing Don Rosa, but I didn't even remember I had the Frank Cho one, heh.
9/8/2013Two Weiss wish list cels which I actually bought months ago but failed to update here. Also two original sketches from Baltimore Comic Con. Introducing my newest obsession: The Young Avengers comics.
7/26/2011I'm super excited to have found some sketches from Gluhen featuring the old character designs. Totally makes it worth it that I haven't let myself buy much else this year. ^__^ I must thank WhiteCrossB for not bidding against me on these <3!
11/23/2010I have several items I will be slowly adding over the next few days. After this batch of things goes up I probably won't be updating again for quite a while. I'm going to try not to buy anything else for at least a couple of months.

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